Night on the bookshelf

I heard noises at night in my house,

Some weird whispers or rustle of a mouse.

I got a camera to find out why,

My books, my books, loud as a magpie.

Some complained of 1984,

Shoving other books down to the hard floor.

American gods was the bard of the bunch,

Just telling stories, quite liked, is my hunch.

Catch-22 made all the others laugh,

Shake their covers at Milo’s gaffe.

Tao of Pooh didn’t do that much,

Stood there smiling, humming and such.

Making Money was a real leaf-biter,

The others listened tight, pulled an all-nighter.

Watchmen just watched, with one sentence,

Some laughed some cried, all of repentance.

I wired a mike next to the shelf,

Got some bedtime stories for myself.


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