Puréed water

My nieces founded a lemonade stand,

With pine planks it looked surprisingly grand.

They sold lemonade, water and advice,

The lemonade was tasty and the advice quite nice.

The former sweet and splendidly fresh,

The latter to taste delicacies of Bangladesh.

The water was advertised as puréed,

Just a small typo, the marker had strayed.

People got curious and many bought some,

Said it’s the tastiest with an upward thumb.

They told their friends who passed it on,

In two hours, no room on the lawn.

Everyone wanted the peculiar stuff.

Two bucks a glass started out as a bluff,

Enlisting an accountant was one option,

But they used the money on canine adoption.

As a pillow fur is better than money,

Compared to counting, fetching’s quite funny.

You could save it for a day when it rains,

But the puppy will fill the deep vaults in their brains.


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