Swimming goggles

I was sub-zero cycling home,

Suffered from drying eye syndrome.

Decided to get my goggles of swim,

Put them under my hat’s wool brim.

It did help, my eyes didn’t dry.

But soon I could not see. Why?

My goggles were filling up with water,

As if they housed a liquid squatter.

Empty them once, they fill again,

I got the principle there and then.

Swimming goggles have to be wet

On one side with water or sweat.

If you swim, it’s just automatic,

If you don’t they get autocratic.

Fill themselves up from the inside,

So what if your eyes drown in a tide?

I didn’t care as I could see.

But, as it was a minus degree,

The water froze and took my eyes with,

Now I’m queuing at the local eyesmith.


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