Ear wax

I stuck a finger into my own ear.

The very first time; there was no fear.

I noticed some stuff and asked my dad,

Because I asked him, he was very glad.

He explained that the wax is just residue,

From Sound Gnomes’ feet, they all have two.

They are the ones who work like mules,

Carry sound waves with certain rules.

When they enter your ear and brain

They wipe their feet and walking cane.

Therefore the wax you have in your ear,

A side product of how you hear.

The friction in the air heats up all the atoms,

Also in water and ground-like stratums.

This makes wax that sticks in the soles,

Protects their shoes from wear-made holes.

If they go far there’s more of the stuff,

Which can make cleaning ears a bit tough.

You could also use it for shoe repair,

But never, ever, ever just eat your share.


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