How to ride a dragon

How to ride a dragon?

Well… See that flagon?

Empty it now with twenty in tow,

All the way till you feel your brave grow.

This special house ale,

Advertised as male,

Makes you fire-proof, can land on a roof,

If you fall down from your dragon goof,

Which might be likely,

Like feeling slightly spikely,

If you taunt the beast with your brain full of yeast

You’ll get ran through, forcefully deceased.

First thing, though,

Before you go, you know,

Sign your things, paintings of kings,

Along with nails and all the bed springs.

Sign them to me,

A caretaker you see,

If you don’t come back to your dear mum,

Forgetting your stuff would just be dumb.

On the dotted line,

Make them all mine,

Then run outside, look at its green hide,

Trust in the drink. Would I have lied?


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