Coffee bean

If I was a coffee bean,

Brown and small and clean and keen,

I would be The coffee bean

First one on the coffee scene.

If I boiled in searing heat,

I’d make sure that I’d boil sweet,

Be the first to get the seat,

Hot, hot one not on my feet.

If I was the very first drop,

To fall down to the emptiest pot,

Swim back up right to the very top,

Wait right there to open shop.

If I got in to the cup,

I’d wait there until you sup,

On your tongue I’d be a pup,

Hear you say “It’s coffee, yup.”

Slide down into your tummy,

Then up your brain that’s oh-so slummy,

Clean it up, I’d stay there gummy.

You’d no more feel like a mummy.


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