Kids today

O tempora o mores, by Cicero,

Every adult since, in his tow:

“They’re just drinking their lives away,

Always lazy, always on holiday!

No respect, no manners, no class,

Just sexting all day and growing tall grass.

When I was young, it wasn’t like this,

Politeness, work, not one day amiss.

I pulled my weight, not like they can,

Born in a house I built, such a man.”

Nostalgic lying or remembering wrong,

Affects over 30s, comes before long.

Kids learn more than the ones who came before.

Ecological thinking raises their score.

When you’re twelve and your main worry,

Is the extinction of all things furry,

Climate change or the trash vortex,

I salute you and your cortex.

If you claim they have no will to work,

Unpaid internships, such a fun quirk.

When it’s refused, which is just smart:

“I should’ve known, all lazy at heart.”

Not happy to be slaves is what I hear.

Not lazy; a sailing sensibility buccaneer.

Age and nostalgia go hand in hand,

Might make your senses go unmanned.


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