Contagious feelings

It’s kind of funny that feelings are contagious.

All of them, like being happy or courageous.

Want someone to smile? Do it yourself.

They will put their boredom on a shelf.

Plus, if they laugh it’s double the fun,

Like having two instead of one sun.

Want them to be mad? Get irate.

It’s not nice, but it works pretty great

In stirring up crowds to hate someone,

Few angry words: the hate soup is done.

If you cry you can make me sad,

That’s also life and it won’t be bad.

You might also get a hug or two,

In case of tears, they’re good for you.

Contagious feeling is why I think

That, no matter how low you sink,

Humanity is together in a way,

Amazingly collective, even to-day.


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