Spider Cider

I bought a drink on the World Wide Web.

On the alcohol EBay’s flow and ebb.

A Spider Cider bottle was what I ordered,

The box it came in was spider web bordered.

I tore the web and the paper to bits,

My room like after a fluffy toy blitz.

I opened the bottle and poured me a glass.

Skittering visions escaped with the gas.

The foam was spiders running on its surface.

Breathing, it let out a soft, smooth purr-hiss.

It smelled sweet and somehow sticky,

I grabbed it and prepared for a quickie.

Down my gullet and tickling my tongue

A flavor of banana and fish, quite young.

Silky and smooth, sticky and cold.

I just waited and let it unfold.

I liked the taste but felt like a snack.

Some ants and wasps fried crisp on a rack…


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