Lying or not

I told a friend one story about gnomes,

Where they live, described their homes.

After this he accused me of lying,

I was so baffled, like cows had been flying.

Is it really lying if it can’t be true?

It’s plain and obvious if you have any clue.

If I tell you I saw a dragon yesterday,

It shot lasers and was made of hay.

When I got close it sounded like a sax,

Flying epic sax guy playing his tracks.

Stuff turned to chicken when hit by the lasers,

Chicken not with feathers but with safety razors.

Is it really lying if it’s obviously clear?

If you call it lying, you’re daft, I fear.

Lying is stuff you can’t know for sure.

So close to true it might as well be pure.

If you believe my impossiblest stories,

You might want to fill your brain inventories.


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