Hendrix mussel

I am a biologist of the marine persuasion,

I study mollusks on every occasion.

I found one that I even got to name,

I was inspired by a man of fame.

This little mussel, in its ecosystem,

Has a myriad connections, you can’t list ‘em.

Sea horses and stars and every type of fish

Gather round it, grouped quite tight-ish.

The mussel has a six-pronged dorsal ray,

Usually greenish, sometimes gray.

It sends vibrations with a half mile reach,

These hypnotize every anemone and leech.

The mesmerized masses stop and stare,

Sway in the current like kites in the air.

The real star of the sea, the Hendrix mussel,

Making what sounds like a moisturized rustle.

It doesn’t get sustenance or find new mates,

It’s just the attraction of its local straits.

I think I need at least ten to twelve years,

Lots of hard work and possibly some beers,

To find out the reason behind this strumming.

I think I can see a TV documentary coming.


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