Bread waiting room

I built a waiting room for my bread

With the blueprints I made in my head.

It has tiny couches made for sitting,

A small TV and stuff to do knitting.

I made some magazines, with tiny print,

On what to wear, a fashion-themed hint.

Of course for breads it’s just not the same.

Wearing cheese and ham is their aim.

There’s also tips on how to taste better,

And a whole section for a bready love letter.

“Ah, my dearest, I long for your crumbs.

Seeing your crust makes my body numb.

When you wear Gouda or camembert with jam,

I can’t move, like covered with spam.”

These entertain them more than I expected,

I guess it makes them feel less disconnected.

Breads love romance, and I guess they must,

Their days are numbered when I smell their crust.

Enjoy the moment when you’re gonna be eaten,

The life philosophy of the ones who are wheaten.


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