Anesthesia slur

Guess who went to the dentist today?

And now, if I want, I can’t have my say.

My tongue isn’t up to much co-operation,

But at least it’s good at spreading some elation.

I can’t speak, if I try, I slur.

And my face looks like an old chestnut burr.

(Hairy and swollen, is what I here mean,

Not filled with nut or brown and green.)

What’s up? They ask and I try to answer:

“I went to the dentisht”, a hilarity enhancer.

To top off this fun train, I have a friend,

Who is a linguist; you can see how this’ll end.

We had a talk and she, being funny,

Made me say sibilants like in “test” and “sunny”.

Never before have I witnessed someone crack up

By these words “screen, list, closeup.”

I guess the good side is that laugh is contagious,

I forgot the ache and that’s advantageous.


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