Shy car

I saw a car when cycling today,

It was just standing, not blocking my way.

When I got closer, I heard it growl,

Closer and closer, it grew to a howl.

After I passed it, the growl grew fainter.

I thought it was due to its shyness restrainter.

It might be broken, which made the car shy,

And me coming closer just caused it to cry.

I was amused for an hour or two,

I cracked the case, happy like a ewe.

My friend, when I told her of this,

Started to smile at what was amiss.

“Maybe, just maybe, because it’s a car,

It didn’t growl fainter when you were still far.

Maybe it kept its growl quite flat,

And you heard it different. How about that?

You went closer and the sound got louder,

Because of sound waves working like clam chowder.

The closer you are, the thicker they come,

If you go away, you’re bound to lose some.

In the near future, would you please

Check if the ground’s shaking or just your sneeze.


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