Eating a carrot (or a banana)

There’s a fun thing that you can parrot

And it is related to eating a carrot.

You know how carrots have the core and the rest?

(Everyone knows that the core tastes the best.)

You can first finish the orange outer layer,

Then you’re left with the carrot town mayor.

Usually the core is brighter and better.

If you save it for last, you’re a proper go-getter.

There’s another fun thing when eating fruit,

The curvy yellow ones can be turned cute.

It has three wedges known to a cook.

Shaped like sectors from your old math book.

Separate them and you have three strips,

Geometrical bananas if you use your lips.

I don’t know of any other food,

That can become neat if you’re just shrewd.

If you know some, can you share?

I’ll be sure to try with deliberate care.


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