Backscratch hotel

Welcome dearest Madam! How can I assist?

Can I suggest a suite? It is hard to resist.

I can give you information on its contents,

All the services and possible events.

The suite contains, naturally, a bed,

Filled not with springs or feathers, but love instead.

Solid love is soft and quite extravagant.

You will wake up in the morning as fresh as a plant.

We also offer quite special relaxation,

Found in our very own “Quick to sleep” station.

We have specialists to scratch your back,

While you, dear client, pet bats on a rack.

The silky smooth fur mollycoddles your skin,

While the most careful scratching relaxes from within.

It sounds a bit odd, I know, it’s unique.

Satisfaction guaranteed every single week.

Otherwise the suite is very, very standard,

The restroom or balcony have never been slandered.

A natural waterfall in the former one,

The latter, without fail, brings you close to the sun.

Would you like to try? I warmly recommend.

It is in the highest floor, use the eagle to ascend.


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