Bicycle misplacement

I forgot my bike somewhere across town,

I can’t remember even with my best frown.

Me and some friends were walking around,

I left it somewhere standing to cover more ground.

Can’t say where, I was too busy smiling,

Dancing on the streets, on the worn tiling,

Joking around, impersonating actors,

Arguing about philosophical factors

We didn’t walk far and the town is small,

But I can’t remember, not at all.

I think it was here with the blue-grey statue,

Yesterday it scared us by saying “Atchoo!”

Or over there with the wolf made of bronze,

He’s furry and cool with his orange long johns.

Is this a sign of having too much fun?

Is this a sign of being stroked by the sun?

Is this a sign of having had an adventure?

Or just a sign of creeping dementia?

One that will steal my character away,

Vegetify me one melancholy day.

Destroy my memories of sun and food,

Good things gone along with every feud.

Or it’s just that I was absent minded,

It’s not the most pleasant way to be reminded.


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