Ministry of eagles

The Ministry of Eagles was founded today.

In which eagles don’t have any say.

It dictates where to fly and when,

Changing your rights, again and again.

If you’re an eagle, accipitridae,

You’re allowed to fly on every second day.

Other than that do your swooping at nights,

This was argued by you causing them frights.

When it comes to food, don’t have high hopes.

They banned everything from insects to popes.

From now on only bite on rocks,

Rich in minerals and one will feed flocks.

Pecking on the rock is banned, to be fair,

It’s too noisy, so just lick or blow air.

If you don’t obey, they detach your beak,

To stop you from re-violation, so to speak.

This will ensure no bird obesity,

When it takes you a week to lick the rock-salt free.

Nesting is also somewhat restricted.

It’s allowed at random and can’t be predicted.

If you roost in the wrong place once,

They’ll just clip your wings, you dunce.

Then you won’t have to worry about flying,

And the rocks are easy to reach without trying.

If you want to file an official appeal,

You file it in triple with an antimatter seal.

If you can’t, then your need’s not great,

Maybe you’re just filled with spite and hate.


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