Fantastic plants

I read a book on fantastic plants,

Like the currant bush that grows hot pants,

If you have one on your yard,

You can design your business card.

Natural hot pants, fresh from the print,

Depending on the soil, a different tint.

The was also one type of kelp,

Who’s really good at offering help.

If you’re drowning and they grow there,

They will tell you to breathe some air.

The help’s not useful, but keeps on coming,

When you’re dead they’ll try to wake you by humming.

The best thing, though is the owlifying tree,

It makes hooting noises and shapes you see,

Shapes of an owl so you’d think they are real,

When actually they are an illusionary deal.

It’s some sort of conspiracy of nature,

To make people think that there’s such a creature

That can turn its head around and speaks with a “Hooo!”

Sounds a bit silly, but people think it’s true.


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