The Mythical Lynx

I had heard of the Mythical Lynx.

And read some after clicking some links.

It’s six feet tall when it stands upright,

Playing basketball wouldn’t be a big fight.

It looks like a lynx but sits like a man,

On a big rock just like the Thinker can.

Just like a lynx, big ears and paws,

Listening close to the leaves and the caws.

It’s face is a bit more like that of a human,

Not as cat-like, imagine it if you can.

I saw it sitting as I looked outside,

From the car window, it didn’t hide.

It just sat there on the soft heather,

Maybe it was thinking a poem to the weather.

Telling it to rain or to keep on shining,

Or telling the birches to keep on pining.

As I looked it turned its head,

Right at me and then stopped dead.

Kept on looking till I was out of sight,

My heart was leaping from the left to the right.

I had the feeling, because our eyes met,

It knows where I am and a course is set.

It will find me if it has any reason,

To give me praise or punish my treason.

The Mythical Lynx with its power so great,

The only thing I can do just now is wait.


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