Flannel up and wait for me!

Flannel up and come with me!

Was not the call to get some tea.

It’s when the time has come to hack

With axes of a lumberjack.

When trees are creeping close to you

You blow your whistle, wooden, blue,

The flannel faction hears the call,

Take their axes, suspenders, all,

Flounce their way to your distress,

Chop and hack, and I confess,

The trees that just now gave a spook,

Stand as much chance against a nuke.

They become just firewood,

The first time they can do some good.

In our world of wicked timber,

Some heroes so quick and limber,

Help you when you need a hand

The flannel heroes of our land.

With this call they come, you see:

“Flannel up and come with me!”


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