St. Kilda

I’m a dendrophobe and I have it rough.

Finland’s not the place if seeing trees is tough.

A very small birch is enough to make me jump,

A great big pine and my heart ceases to pump.

If it’s bonsai, they just make me distressed,

Wunderbaums are fine, if not for the zest.

I need to find a place that has no woods,

But still has wind and rain and such earthly goods.

I could choose Sahara, but it’s too dry,

Everest would be good but it’s too high.

Then I heard of Kilda, a nice Scottish isle,

It’s very windy, not a tree for a mile.

They even say that sheep learned to fly,

The wind gave them wings and a ride to the sky.

St. Kilda sounds like the bestest place for me

Sheep were blown off and not a single tree.


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