Hospital walls

I saw a picture of a hospital room,

White walls and glass and a great, dark gloom.

Nothing but bricks and tiles and metal,

Not a single leaf or a branch or a petal.

I thought of writing a story on the bricks,

Poems or songs or diaries of ticks.

One little poem on all the pasty slabs,

Filling empty space with drawings of crabs.

Not the same color in two adjacent places,

Non-poemized space: draw some funny faces.

It’d give friends and family something more to do,

Than just sympathies and wishes for more health to you.

It’s more fun to laugh at a small tale,

Than talk about how your kidneys are starting to fail.

Plus, if you draw faces, draw them really funny,

Then the laughter comes, and it’s better than honey,

Honey can heal but laughter always will,

Well, of course unless your sense of humor’s ill.


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