National day of poetry and summer

Today’s the national day of poetry and summer in honor of our national poet.

Today’s the day of summer and poems.

Too bad for me, nothing rhymes with poems.

The summer can be cold with the North wind blowing,

But hey, at least right now, it’s not snowing.

Poetry was probably much harder in the past,

They had less words as less time had passed.

If they wanted a quick rhyme for “suitor”,

They didn’t know you could just use “computer”.

What if there’s a rhyme, which you then forget,

You can’t search rhymesauruses on the Internet.

Want to add a word into a done line?

I have backspace, they could only pine.

Somehow he made it and made people feel,

Made my piglet of a heart run, squeak and squeal.

One hundred and thirty seven years ago,

Was born a man with the hair of a crow.

He wrote a ballad of happiness, small,

And he made me happier. That is all.


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