Impersonating a tree

I like to pretend that I am a tree,

Dropping yellow leaves on people I see.

They think it’s fall but it really is not,

The summer is still going and it’s pretty darn hot.

It makes their mind do a triple double take,

It won’t break but it might just shake.

That’s why, during the rest of the day,

Their head now travels a different way.

They might see things they normally don’t,

Might say yes when they normally won’t.

Their day might not necessarily be better,

Different, though, like getting a letter.

That’s all you sometimes might just need,

If your brain is drowning in tweed.

Do they feel dull, as everything’s the same?

Midsummer fall puts them in a new frame.

(Doing this it’s good to be sure,)

To use just leaves to help ensure,

No one’s hurt with this little trick,

It might just sting if you do it with a stick.)


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