Portable tub

I heard someone sell a portable tub.

Featuring a dorable polar bear cub.

I got excited in this hot summer,

Sweating all the time is a real, real bummer.

I could carry this tub to the park,

Just sit there and bathe like a lark.

I could take it to heart attack grill,

Order my dose and then just chill.

Reading books would be less draining,

Librarized tub: no complaining.

With heavy breathing, I called the place,

Made agreeing noises with my face.

Some weeks later, I got the package,

And, in the middle of the cardboard wreckage,

I saw a bucket with a small white scribble.

I used it to store my moment’s fury-dribble.

They didn’t cheat me, it’s technically correct,

I got excited and I forgot to check.


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