Small ears

Hey, your ear’s way bigger than mine!

I can’t fit one finger, you can fit nine!

Maybe even ten, and your small pussycat,

How is this state of matters just that?

I can’t wear headphones, they don’t fit,

You, ear protectors inside, and a blue tit.

You tell me it’s for my protection,

Against big insects in my hearing section.

A small cavity holds them off really well,

They won’t bite your anvil and make it swell.

I guess that’s good, with where I live,

Way in the north with the ozone sieve.

Everyone knows our insects are great,

With scorching summers for two days straight,

Sometimes we don’t even have any snow,

And this makes the six-leggeds really, truly grow.

I guess that’s a bonus with our lush nature,

Small ear size keeps away any creature.

Thanks for your words, really consoling,

Let’s go do some mid-June snow-bowling.


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