Airport baby

Today I saw an airport baby.

It was Helsinki-Vantaa’s. Maybe.

20 feet sides, not very big,

Not as big as a giant’s wig.

I saw paper planes land there,

A plastic toy MIG had to take care.

Some of them crashed but did not burn,

It cleaned the mess, it has to learn.

You can charter a flight of almost a mile,

Ants can ride on the plane with a smile.

Antlantic air might not make money.

And the planes can melt if it’s not sunny.

You have to start small, that’s how it goes,

Before you lead people’s money by the nose.

The airport baby’s nurse came around.

Led it to a new field she found.

There the small baby practiced its announcements.

“There’s a small fire in the corner.” pronouncements.

It sounded more like “goo ga ga.”

As understandable as airports are.


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