A week of lying bed and comatoseing to the fullest without being able to eat much makes one appreciate food.

I got sick and I couldn’t chew much,

Soupification was my new crutch.

Soupify bananas and apples at eight,

Forgot the peels, down at any rate.

Blend a potato with water and salt,

Can’t taste it, the disease’s fault.

Zucchinis and carrots combinedly concocted,

Sore teeth or gums will not be shock-ted.

Merge vanilla ice with chocolate flavor,

I really can’t, but i still try to savor.

Fuse together audio books with sleep,

Harry’s nice story now has more sheep.

Mix up TV and hallucinations,

A history show on future generations.

Soupifying life with sickness ain’t fun,

But with soupifying, you will get done.


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