Early bird, late zombie

If the early bird gets the worm I’ve been told.

Only the worms who’re up early: The old.

They might be easier to catch, it’s true,

But if you want a challenge, you sleep in too.

The younger worms wake up much later,

And their vivacity’s a lot greater.

So if you’re lazy or want to save trouble,

Wake up early and scour all the rubble.

If you’re not and want to get busy,

Just dream and go when the paint gets fizzy.

If an early bird is lazy, what’s a late zombie?

Waiting till the late night to bite on an over-combee.

It’s just smart as people get sleepy,

When they dream it can do the creepy.

Sneak real close and have a quick snack.

Then come back home with a brain-flavored smack.


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