Freon tequila

Can I get you some Freon tequila?

Made of cacti and spit of a gila.

The best side of this Freon-filled drink,

Is the hole in your tummy (abdomen sink).

It’s ideal for those who feel they’re tubby,

And who don’t like their diet too shrubby.

Gobbled up food will, after the gullet,

Go down the hole, disappear like the mullet.

Where to? No worries, it’s gonna be fine,

It says so in that “No worries” sign.

The only bad side that comes to my mind:

The ozone layer is the one who’s fined.

When you down one, so does it,

Burning a hole, lickety split.

The northerners might then get sunburned,

After all this while, the tables are turned.

So, my dear client, one or three?

If you take four, the fifth’s for free.


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