Hickory trickery

Today I was tricked by a tree,

It set all my carrier pigeons free.

I had a box full of feathery friends,

It asked to hold it with its barky branch ends,

Lifted it high and opened the lid,

The sky started cooing; as if the sun hid.

Getting the box back I was a bit peeved,

With no pigeons, my cunning plan sieved.

The tree said I should really not worry,

I could still catch them if I hurry.

Just lick the bark and get way wiser;

I’m known to be no information-miser.

My tongue-tip grazed the bark quite quickly,

One hot second I was dazed and sickly.

The boughs of the tree heaved high and low,

It laughed and laughed berating me so:

“Fooled you twice you bag of meat,

Go back home, I got you beat!”

I went home on familiar tracks,

Thinking hard where I laid my axe.

This day contained deceit and tree-lickery;

I guess today’s theme is hickory trickery.


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