Heeey, hey, here comes the hug-shark,

Circling Gnawed-waves Ocean Park.

You know he’s coming when the other fish jump,

A fishy lindy-hop at the big water pump.

He’s not deadly at all, hey kids,

Get in the pool, and swim like squids.

If he comes close he’ll hug with his jaws,

A seaweed ribbon he’ll tie on your paws.

If you’re lucky, you’ll also get a tooth,

It’s super good luck, can divine the truth!

Hug-shark as species, is almost extinct,

I’ll give the low-down and I’ll be succinct.

They like to hug ship rudders and nets,

People hunt their teeth so that they win bets.

They’re not smart, they hug sand too,

They’ll keep on hugging until they turn blue.

Our place here is sand or ship free,

The sharks can hug everything they see.

Oh look now, little Timmy is embraced,

He’s so happy he’s all red-faced.


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