Hiding a yawn

A friend tried to hide their yawn in school,

What happened to his face made him a small fool.

When you hide a yawn, you kind of have to strain,

It takes the muscles, some blood and the brain.

She put a hand up to cover her mouth,

But there were signs, east, west and south.

Her cheeks danced salsa around her mouth-cover,

Good enough moves to attract a Cuban lover.

Her forehead plateau, usually so smooth,

Now the Himalayas, coarse and uncouth.

Her neck imitated a scaredy-cat snake,

It shook so hard I thought it’d break.

I witnessed this going on for a minute,

And in my mind, my head said “Spin it!”

It started deep down in my tummy,

Where I hide everything that’s yummy,

Moved on up saying “HI!” to the lungs,

Climbed on higher touching all the neck rungs,

Erupted out of my kisser real quick,

A hyena-ic laughter, high and slick.

That took the heat off of my friend’s yawn,

And got me kicked out onto the green lawn.


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