Cookie theft

I got a sentence from stealing cookies,

A silly mistake, could be made by rookies.

My hand in the jar, I got caught,

Was too noisy and my fight was fought.

I’m headed for prison, nickname “the couch”.

It’s very strict, can’t spit or slouch.

My warden is a vet, can’t fool her,

Neither can I fight; she’s as big as a fir.

I call her “Mom”, some nickname of old,

Now she has me in a stupefying hold.

She covered us both with a cape of sorts,

Turned on a feed from basketball courts.

Now she’s snoring and I can’t get out,

The laziest prison, I have no doubt.

The show is nice, so might as well give in,

Rested well, she’s an oftener grin.

After serving my time I’ll be a free man,

Climbing and crawling as much as I can.

Next jar-break I’ll be more precise,

Infra-red visors and another spy-device.


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