One fine day

I gave my mom’s special cook book a peak,

Found the right page after” uses of leek”.

She has the recipe for one fine day

There’s alternates, but she’s got the best way.

It said there to use music as the base,

It’s very solid and wins every cooking race.

A layer of listening first thing after waking,

Another of singing with added head shaking,

A third of playing the uke or cowbell,

You can add dancing in there as well,

(I’ve got no rhythm so I look like Kermit,

But it’s ok, you don’t need a permit.)

Graffiti comes as the whipped cream top,

Write a story or a poem or some hip hop,

(You’re so unoriginal even trees serve you,

Roses red, violets blue, doo-do-doo-doo.)

Cook it in hot sunshine for about a day,

Enjoy it slowly, as slowly as you may.


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