Piranhas’ dental health

Don’t stand so close to me please,

It’s a bit too tight on this small trapeze,

If you squeeze in just a bit more,

The piranhas’ teeth will soon be sore

With all the piercings I and you have,

They’d tear through us like a drunk chav,

Would not mind your studs or rings,

My platinum plate and other such things.

So, please, don’t stand so close,

Dentist fish are rarer than most,

They would have to wait for weeks,

Relying on nurse-gulls helpful beaks,

To give them food pre-chewed and mushy,

To help their teeth get their daily brushy.

There’d be problems in piranha town,

All on sick leave, no one around.

The fishy book store on gills and kelp,

Would be no-service, just self-help.

If you wanted to send a p-card,

You’d have to make it special, sea starred,

Their first class and carried by rays,

Seven coral pieces for just two bays!

So please don’t push me and please don’t fall,

Imagine what’d happen to the piranha’s mall.


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