It’s always about you

“The acting’s dumb, how can they laugh?

As fun as a joke about shooting a giraffe.”

If you don’t like a film, you’re in a bad mood.

If you think you’ve met the nastiest dude,

It’s in your head, your outlook’s wrong,

You minorize their major song.

The words of a friend just hurt you a lot?

Make sure hurt is not what you sought.

Words quite normal can be under-foot legos,

If your mood for the day is irate and morose.

It’s always about you, no matter what,

You’re always centered on your butt.

You filter the world with your own mind,

Your moods and thoughts have it defined.

You catalyze what happens to you,

And make it feel like the only thing true.

Always about you, every single time,

Your bad mood is a self-assault crime.

Change it for better, btw you can,

Stop complaining you ass-flavored flan.


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