I’m a plumberjack and I’m okay,

I sleep all night and I work all day.

I go to work in the pipeline park,

Cut the pipes down and have a good lark,

PVC or pipes of steel,

Won’t give your water the softest feel.

The trees I fell will caress your agua,

Like the finest, softest, Persian rug-wa.

A normal pipe birch for the sink in the loo,

A redwood tube, a cow fits through

(Those big ones are for schools and plants,

To wash down stuff quite bigger than ants).

Willow-made hoses for your garden,

They will bend, not break or harden.

With my axe I chop them down,

Don’t yell “Timber!” with a flash of brown,

“Plumber!” is how I let you know,

Should you run or walk, to or fro.


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