Pool fillings

If you fell into a pool, what’d be the best filler?

Probably not be something made by a distiller,

It might sting your eyes and nose,

The smell would never get off your clothes.

Would it be from a feather pillow factory,

Or nice complimentery and effervescent flattery?

A flattery pool might get stale soon,

It’s always better when eaten with a spoon.

Would it be pudding or chocolate mousse,

Might be tasty but you’d have no excuse,

When you finally go to your very own dentist,

He might become a tooth-crater ventist.

If it was music you might float on melody,

It’d still be good to know how to fall like felidae.

It could be anti-matter, that’s always true,

But it’d bring to life anti-me and the same to anti-you.

I’d take water if I had my choice,

It’s a bit boring, but it makes fun noise,

You can dive and dolphin yourself,

Do a cannon ball or bellyflop like an elf.

(That would be with aesthetic grace,

No red skin on the tummy or the face.)

You could use it to fill the water guns,

How much fun is that? Tons and tons!

And, in a bind, you might have a sip

(But before the flu virus next door takes a dip).


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