Peter’s pick-me-up

I see you are feeling a wee bit tired,

Have Peter’s pick-me-up to get you wired!

Hold on a sec, I’ll get you a glass,

You just sit there nice and cozy on your —.

Here’s the drink, I’m sorry about that,

The cups don’t hold, we have a China rat.

Or it might be the tonic itself,

It eats through metal and a birch wood shelf.

Is it safe? Sure, why not?

Just be careful, the glass is hot.

The heat comes from the active rays,

The good side is it’ll warm you for days.

Give you a nice, green glow in the dark:

Easier to jog at night in the park.

Your glass is melting, have a new one,

If it touches your skin, then it’s no fun.

It burns a bit, like the sun in June,

(A bit like the sun if you were on the Moon)

How much is it? Today’s on the house,

Drink more than three and it’s pricey like the grouse.

If you did that, that’d be the day,

I’d pack my bags and be on my way.

Now go on and gulp it all down,

Feel all better? Is that a smile or a frown?


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