Chocolate pike

Welcome to today’s animal feature,

A documentary of an interesting creature.

The topic right now is the chocolate pike,

The salmon that leads to a blood sugar spike.

It’s a fun fish, not like the rest,

In fish school it didn’t quite pass the test.

It can’t swim as it’s quite soluble,

But in Fishy expression it’s very voluble.

Its stories are sweet and smilify its mates,

About granite doves and their uplifting fates.

When it came time for a PE class,

It sat and watched every perch and bass,

Diving and gliding cool and fast,

It sat feeling like a social outcast.

One fine day it tried to join in,

Got close to water and dipped its fin,

The very first second it felt ok,

After a while, to its dismay,

Intense burning on its wet flipper,

A bit like catching your tongue in a zipper.

The teacher noticed and pulled it away,

“No swimming for you, or you’ll turn gray.”

This is why our pike never, ever swims,

Much like a mammal that has no limbs,

It just writes its stories all day,

It can’t swim but it has lots to say.


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