George the squid’s little red cap

I bought a red pepper of the bell-y kind,

Cut it into slices, it’s prettier, I find.

The end of the pepper made a pretty funny shape,

A small red cap, not a coat or a cape.

I gave the gnome cap to my pet squid George,

Told him to quit his job at the forge.

They sure would miss his eight strong arms,

All the good tools he’d made for the farms.

From now on he’d be Santa’s helper,

Harness on his steed some reins of green kelp-er,

Rider around the bottom of every vast ocean,

Check if the crabs and sharks had devotion.

Behind their seaweed windows he’d spy,

See if something funny hits his keen, big eye,

Write every instance with his very own ink,

Mail it to Santa to see what he’d think.

Now there’s no more underwater naughty,

None of the seahorses getting too haughty.

It’s all as it really should be,

All thanks to George in the big, blue sea.


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