Sunny Street

How to get to where you want to be?

Well, I’ll tell you right now, let me see.

Stroll the Sunny Street till you see the sun,

Enjoy the facades glow till you’re done.

Take a left to Rainbow Road when you reach the end,

Take in all the colors, the greenish red blend.

Blue Sky Boulevard is where you have to turn,

It’s open and free, so feel free to yearn.

The wind will blow you to Solar Wind Way,

It bakes green and red from everything gray.

Gentle Breeze Byway shall nudge you along,

That tender slope will never take you wrong.

The Eclipse Expressway will blackify the sky,

Mysterious and pretty, no eyes stay dry.

The Laugh Lane is next, and it’s pretty neat,

It’s long but ends as soon as you greet.

Then you take the, hm, that’s a bit funny,

I forgot where you asked to go there sonny,

But go as I say and it’s all fine and dandy,

The end matters less if the journey is candy.


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