Molar Eclipse

If I said your teeth are big, it’d be downplaying,

No, you’re not ugly, that’s not what I’m saying.

Features are nice, they make my brain and mouth smile,

But in the sea of your teeth your face is an isle.

You have never acquainted your pair of lips.

When you open your mouth it’s a molar eclipse!

When we went bowling there was some confusion,

Your teeth or the pins? An optical illusion.

There was a man who thought you’re a lamp,

Shining bright and white and scaring a vamp.

I see you sleep on your tummy sometimes,

Head six feet above the pillow must feel sublime.

Once they got stuck in the elevator doors,

Twice or thrice you’ve used them as oars.

They have to tell the air traffic control,

When you come to town, even for a stroll.

With your neck you can lift a whole big bull,

Even if its stomach is really, really full.

So I guess you could say that it’s a mixed blessing,

You’ll never starve if you dip them in dressing.


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