Sweet roll ghost

Today I got a chill in the cafeteria,

A tiny breeze deep from Siberia,

Swooshed fast by and blew in my ear,

It was my basest, oldest fear:

A sweet roll ghost just booing away,

It had come around to haunt my day.

At eye level just sweetly levitating,

Eye to sugar chunk, me hesitating,

I don’t dare to make one move,

(If I danced the situation might improve)

I listen to the sweet roll’s ghastly wail,

Listen to the words and I know its tale:

“CoOoOOOoooffeeee is what I want to taste,

Dunk me in it, don’t just baste.

CooOOoOOoffeeeeee, I have never seen,

Grant my wish, show me caffeine!”

I buy a cup and put it on the table,

“Double ghostpresso” is written on the label.

The small sweet form just dives on under,

I hear a yell that’s filled with wonder:

“It’s quite warm, thank your soooOOooOOoul.”

I drink it up and it warms my whole.


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