I lost my music

I lost my music, can you help?

It’s colorful and bouncy, red with a yelp.

I lost it when sleeping soundly last night,

My head was empty when I saw first light.

The normal rhythm accompanying life,

Was just gone like cut with a knife.

I looked under the shelf where I keep my blues,

No sign of it, just some loose screws.

(They were holding the peace in place,

Now our house features an escalating arms race.)

I looked behind the fridge where I keep my cool,

Not there either, just a chill ghoul.

(He’d really want a bite of your tasty flesh,

But he’s ok, no worries, don’t thresh.)

The top of the closet had only some dust,

And a bit weirdly, a bread crust bust.

(Sculpted into the shape of children’s laughter,

I have a glance and decide to take after.)

No, I haven’t had a look on my roof of felt,

But now that you suggest, I should have smelled,

The distinct scent of my music melting!

Come now, hurry, the notes are welting!

Oh no, too late, the melody just thawed,

If I tried installing, it’d sound flawed.

I guess the music machine on my attic

Has to have a try, might get acrobatic.

But now that we’re here, look at the sun,

It’s already setting, ain’t that fun.

It must’ve seen the damage it did,

It felt ashamed so it ran and hid.

If that’s the case, I might as well sleep,

Now it should work, I can’t hear a peep.


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