When the sun talks

Today the sun is extremely effulgent.

Or at least it was, now it just went.

The same yesterday, it just said “Hi!”

Its greeting didn’t even have time to die,

(Before it was time to say “Bye bye.”)

The bad side with sun saying anything at all:

Is not that it’ll burn your bouncy beach ball;

Your electronics, however, will fry to a crisp,

Smart phones smarts will become just a wisp.

Besides, that’s only when it wants to say hello.

There was a time, a long time ago,

The sun held a speech and the people got struck,

By awe like an echo overtaking a duck.

While they listened, there was a slight whir,

A bit like a dancing chestnut burr.

The sound was everything turning off,

Nobody noticed when the world went cough.

The bad side was their aquatical rotors,

Being run by electrical motors,

They stopped turning and their town sank,

Now their socks are moldy and dank.

The sun didn’t notice before too late,

And from that day it just wants to wait.

Wait for the day when we can converse,

And our gadgets won’t get any worse.


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