Alarm clock’s thirst

I set my alarm at 9 o’clock.

Being very tired, I slept like a rock.

After some hours of dreamland ventures.

I woke to its sound of grinding dentures.

Slammed it off but it kept on crying,

In my brain my nerves kept frying.

“7:09 Am. What in the world?

Explain yourself or you’ll be hurled!”

It stopped its screech and gave me a look,

E-nunciated with a breath it took:

“I was parched so I woke you up,

You lazy bum can get me a cup!

Water or milk or juice sounds good,

Just bring me the usual like you should.”

I fetched it a cup of the best from my tap,

Fresh spring water that it could lap.

Draining the cup, the clock said “Ta!

That did the trick, you’re a good bar.

Now go to sleep, you have some time,

I’ll sing you a song, a soothing chime.”

I went to bed while fearing the worst,

I felt a bit like I was cursed.

Then I heard its song of sleep,

Never knew beeps could send me so deep.


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