Underwater Valentine’s Day

It’s the underwater Valentine’s Day,

Chocolate is delivered into the deep bay.

Saltwater chocolate, isn’t that tasty,

Seahorse couriers diligent and hasty,

Bring it to the dolphins and to the tuna,

For the festivities in this laguna.

There are gifts that are given,

Some gestures very, very driven,

Seaweed bouquets swaying away,

Coral charms will fill this quay.

One token makes the rest pale and white,

The dolphins’ love and the tuna’s plight.

The dolphins know the tuna is fished,

And then into some porcelain it’s dished.

Dolphins drive them away from the nets,

Their diligence rarely causes regrets.

Sometimes they fail and the tuna is dead,

And sometimes the nets have dolphin instead.

That’s why, when I eat my tuna,

Shoving it in with my tuna spoon-a.

I acknowledge the sacrifice made by the mammals,

And the tears they strew on the amphibious trammels.

This makes tuna simply delicious,

As dolphins are known to be quite vicious.


2 thoughts on “Underwater Valentine’s Day

    • It does come from the word silly and something else, I actually forget what the other word was. And I do believe that silly is a very accurate description of, for example, stories about dolphin on tuna affection. Silly doesn’t exclude amusing or insightful. Thank you for commenting.

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